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Project Description

Transforming Daklen Building's Online Image

Daklen Building, a seasoned building company catering to both commercial and residential clients in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast, faced a strategic pivot. After over two decades in residential construction, they aimed to shift their focus primarily towards commercial and insurance sectors. However, their existing website was predominantly showcasing their residential services, failing to reflect this new direction.

Our solution? We developed a new digital platform for Daklen that skillfully spotlighted their expertise in construction management, while still acknowledging their residential roots. Recognizing Daklen Building's esteemed reputation for trustworthiness and reliability, we integrated these core values into the website's narrative. In addition, we undertook a modernization of the Daklen brand, introducing a fresh, contemporary feel. Complementing this, we implemented a new blog strategy, designed to establish and amplify Daklen's thought leadership in the construction industry. The result is a dynamic, well-rounded online presence that aligns with Daklen Building's evolving business objectives.


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Project Type

UI/UX Design


ABC Corporation


3 months


UI/UX Design, Branding