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Transform your retail business into a Retail Media powerhouse with Xtrordinate. Leveraging our team's deep-rooted experience from inside Amazon, we specialize in empowering retailers to establish and optimize their own Retail Media networks. At Xtrordinate, we don't just offer consultancy; we provide a partnership enriched with insider insights and industry acumen tailored for retailers. Seize the opportunity to elevate your retail platform, leveraging our expertise to develop a Retail Media network that drives growth and sets you apart in the marketplace. Let Xtrordinate be your guide in unlocking the full potential of Retail Media within your business.

Retail Media for Retailers FAQ

Retail Media advertising is a strategic approach where brands strategically place their ads within a retailer's digital environment, targeting consumers who are already considering a purchase. This method is akin to the classic strategies supermarkets use to highlight special offers: brands pay for premium placement, ensuring their products are prominently displayed at eye-catching spots, much like the coveted eye-level shelves in physical stores. In the digital realm of online shopping, this translates to securing key promotional spaces on web stores. Often, the first thing shoppers encounter on these sites is Retail Media, subtly guiding their buying decisions, whether they're aware of it or not!

Retail media, a long-standing component of trade marketing, is witnessing remarkable growth. This surge is driven by two key trends: the rapid expansion of e-commerce, particularly since the Corona crisis in 2022, and the growing importance of first-party data amidst the decline of third-party cookies.

The boom in e-commerce isn't just about financial growth; it's also about the increase in web traffic. As online retailers become major destinations for web traffic, they offer lucrative advertising opportunities for businesses. This shift is crucial for marketers looking to target potential customers effectively.

Another catalyst for retail media's rise is the emphasis on first-party data, a valuable alternative to third-party cookies. Retailers, unlike traditional publishers, naturally collect extensive customer data, including shopping behaviors and preferences. This rich data pool is essential for targeted advertising campaigns. For instance, Amazon’s vast user base provides an enormous amount of first-party data, making it a prime platform for targeted marketing. As the industry adapts, marketers are increasingly focusing on leveraging first-party data, with many still exploring ways to scale these strategies effectively.

Retail media networks offer a strategic advantage to advertisers by positioning ads closer to the point of purchase, potentially enhancing conversion rates. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Utilizing first-party data from retailers, enriched with insights from loyalty programs.
  • Leveraging existing connections between brands and retailers for more effective campaigns.
  • Tapping into the growing trend of e-commerce sales to reach more customers.

As retail media evolves, it's expected to provide opportunities for higher-funnel advertising and comprehensive omnichannel sales tracking. This progression will further refine the impact and reach of retail media advertising strategies.

Aetail media presents a trio of significant advantages for retailers, including the opportunity to capitalize on their first-party data, enhance inventory management and sales efficiency, and ultimately increase overall company revenue.

Retail Media for Retailer Services

Retail Media Consulting Retail Media Consulting

Transform your retail marketing with Xtrordinate's expert consulting services. We specialize in creating seamless connections between shoppers and products, delivering impactful, transaction-driven strategies that resonate across all touchpoints.

Data Management Data Management

First-party data is the key to ad-effectiveness and a Retail Media offering. Leverage Xtrordinate’s data and audience consulting services to ensure your data architecture is on the cutting edge.

Technology Advisory Technology Advisory

Xtrordinate boosts your Retail Media journey with expert consulting on technology solutions, whether you are looking to build your own, white-label, and or customise an off-the-shelf product.

Training and Support Training and Support

Integrate Xtrordinate services in-house and enhance your marketing and technology teams with our specialized training and support, building robust internal capabilities.

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91% of advertisers plan to increase their level of investment into retail data in the next few years.


Some 81% of advertisers are reportedly using retail data - Tradedesk


Rated their experience working with retail media partners good or very good - IAB

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