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We specialize in helping brands navigate the complex process of selecting, evaluating, and enhancing their media agency relationships. Our dedicated team of experts brings deep industry insights and a tailored approach to ensure that your chosen agency aligns perfectly with your brand's goals and values. Whether you're looking to forge a new partnership or optimize an existing one, we provide the clarity and strategy needed for successful media collaborations. Partner with us to make informed decisions and elevate your brand's media presence.

Media Agency Advisory FAQ

Streamlined Guide to Selecting Your Ideal Media Agency
1. Culture & Chemistry: Prioritize a cultural fit with mutual respect, transparency, and collaboration. Seek agencies that show genuine interest in your business and maintain open communication.

2. Capabilities: Clearly identify your needs - strategic insight, creative brilliance, or PR acumen. Avoid being swayed by flashy presentations irrelevant to your marketing goals. Focus on agencies demonstrating strength in your required areas.

3. The People Factor: Ensure that the team pitching is the team you'll work with. Assess the agency's stability, team loyalty, and resource depth, particularly during growth or staff changes.

4. Size Considerations: Decide how prominent you want your account to be within the agency. Balance the desire for importance against the risk of being a smaller client in a large agency.

5. Category Expertise: While relevant experience is valuable, avoid agencies with set notions about your category. Look for fresh creativity and mature experience.

6. Management Skills: Choose agencies with diverse industry experience and hands-on managers. Prioritize those with strong performance records and stakeholder management skills.

7. Remuneration Structure: Seek flexible arrangements with reasonable salary structures. Consider Performance Based Remuneration (PBR) for agencies willing to align their profit with your success.

Partner with Confidence
Choose an agency that aligns with these criteria to build a successful and sustainable partnership.

Media Agency Advisory Services

Media Agency Pitch Consultancy Media Agency Pitch Consultancy

Optimize your media agency selection with Xtrordinate's expertise in tech, tools, and commercials, ensuring a streamlined pitching and RFI process for the best outcomes.

Media Agency Reviews Media Agency Reviews

Maximize your brand's media impact with our expert review services. We assess your media agency's performance, providing insights and strategies to enhance efficiency and ROI.

Media Agency Capability Media Agency Capability

Transform your brand with our expert data analysis for precise targeting and measurement, complemented by proficient RFI guidance, vendor selection, and seamless integration services.

Talent Advantage Talent Advantage

Empower your brand or agency teams with Xtrordinate's bespoke training programs, designed to sharpen marketing strategies and drive performance, led by industry experts.

Our Process

Inital Conversation 1

Inital Conversation

We don't make empty ROI promises, but we guarantee a conversation with us will be valuable for your business

Free Consultation 2

Free Consultation

Discover untapped opportunities: enjoy a complimentary consultation with our experts.

Proposal 3


Our team will craft a bespoke proposal uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Project Launch 4

Project Launch

Post agreement on specifics we set the stage for your project's successful launch.

Media Agency Advisory Facts


of CMOs say data-driven marketing and privacy is on their biggest challenges


of brands have in-housing in place in 2022, compared with 57% in 2020


of brand marketers say In-housing is a ‘nightmare’

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