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Project Description

Project Highlight: Strategic Business Solution for Sonnant – Successfully Reimagined and Integrated New Positioning into Their Website and Content Marketing Initiatives

In our portfolio, discover how we transformed Sonnant's online presence. Sonnant, a business pioneering in AI for easier audio content creation, faced a challenge: their website wasn't resonating with their target creative audience, evident from an 80% drop-off rate. The site's heavy copy failed to effectively communicate its benefits.

Our solution? A complete overhaul. We crafted a new messaging strategy, reimagined the website design to better engage creative minds, and developed concise, impactful copy. Additionally, we produced demo videos showcasing the tool's advantages and refreshed the site's visuals to align with the aesthetic standards of competitive platforms in the market, catering specifically to the discerning eyes of creative producers.


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Project Type

Business Growth




2 months


Business Challenge, Customer Profiling, Web Design and SEO Copy