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Welcome to the cutting edge of programmatic advertising with our specialized ad tech consulting services. We're dedicated to revolutionizing your digital marketing strategies, leveraging the latest in programmatic technology. Our expert team guides you through the intricate world of automated ad buying, using data-driven insights to optimize your campaigns for maximum impact. With us, you'll navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape with ease, ensuring your ads reach the right audience at the right time. Embrace the future of advertising and unlock the full potential of your digital campaigns with our bespoke programmatic ad tech solutions.

Ad Tech FAQ

The impending phase-out of third-party cookies in major browsers marks a significant shift, but not the end, of user-targeted advertising. This change ushers in an era where brands and marketers must pivot towards solutions that align with new privacy standards while maintaining advertising efficacy.

Tech behemoths like Apple, Google, and Facebook are already adapting, crafting alternative ad targeting methods that bypass the need for third-party cookies. While these new solutions are still evolving, it's challenging to pinpoint the most effective approach in this post-cookie landscape.

For advertisers who have traditionally relied on third-party data tracking, the transition presents an opportunity to explore privacy-compliant targeting methods. Among the emerging solutions, Google's Privacy Sandbox is emerging as a prominent contender in navigating this new era of cookieless targeting, offering a glimpse into the future of digital advertising that respects user privacy while delivering targeted results.

As Google delays the rollout of its Privacy Sandbox, brands and marketers are actively seeking alternatives to third-party data tracking. Many are already distancing themselves from these traditional methods, wary of investing in soon-to-be outdated solutions or adopting new, yet unclear targeting mechanisms.

The emerging focus is on first-party data - a secure, privacy-compliant approach sourced directly from users who willingly share their information. In 2021, this method has become increasingly relevant, marking a shift towards first-party data-driven advertising strategies.

For brands seeking to adapt, the options include:

  1. Awaiting the public release of Google's Privacy Sandbox for a fresh approach.
  2. Developing their own first-party data repositories.
  3. Collaborating with ad-tech firms that facilitate building a first-party data client base.
  4. Leveraging contextual advertising that solely relies on first-party data.
  5. Partnering with ad-tech companies that offer both first-party data collection and contextual advertising for a robust, cookie-free advertising strategy.

These strategies signify a pivotal move towards more ethical, user-respecting advertising in the digital age.

The digital marketing landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, with programmatic advertising evolving from a niche, technically complex domain to a mainstream, impactful tool. This evolution has made programmatic accessible not just to media-buying agencies and advertisers, but also to brands taking their programmatic efforts in-house.

In response to the dynamic digital environment, tech platforms are diligently working to meet the growing demand for brand-safe and cookieless advertising options that resonate with both consumers and marketers.

Given this rapidly changing scenario, the most strategic move for anyone in the programmatic space is to embrace a variety of privacy-focused solutions. This approach involves diversifying digital strategies by integrating both established and emerging tactics. The goal is to deliver ads that not only align with user preferences but also comply with evolving privacy standards, ensuring a balance between effective targeting and user consent.

For Media Owners: Boost your site's repeat visits and escalate sales figures by employing commerce data to tailor content specifically for your users. This data-driven approach enhances user engagement, turning casual visitors into loyal customers.

For Consumers: Experience a more personalized and relevant browsing journey, both in terms of website content and advertisements. Enjoy a seamless online experience that aligns with your interests and needs, transforming the way you interact with digital content.

In the emerging cookieless digital marketing landscape, brands and marketers must adapt to new strategies. The focus is shifting towards accumulating reliable first-party data and exploring innovative cookieless advertising methods.

Top Trends for a Cookie-Free Digital World:

Programmatic Dominance: Programmatic advertising is expected to excel. A 20% increase in marketers prioritizing programmatic reflects a shift towards new targeting methods without third-party data. Despite the pandemic, programmatic advertising has shown resilience and growth.

In-House Programmatic: Budget constraints and the increased accessibility of programmatic tools are driving brands to bring programmatic in-house. This doesn’t necessarily mean creating proprietary platforms but rather using market-available solutions with expert support.

Investment in Brand-Safe Solutions: With advertising strategies moving in-house and the rise of programmatic during the pandemic, brands are investing more in their programmatic capabilities, benefiting from direct customer engagement and cost efficiencies.

Preference for First-Party Data: In this new era, the programmatic industry must evolve, shifting from traditional targeting methods to innovative approaches that prioritize first-party data and brand satisfaction.

These trends underscore a critical transition period in digital marketing, where agility and innovation will define success in a post-cookie world.

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Programmatic Media Consulting Programmatic Media Consulting

Transform your programmatic advertising with Xtrrodinate. Our deep expertise in technology, processes, talent, and creativity propels your advertising to new heights, keeping you at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Technology and Data Technology and Data

Maximize your advertising impact with our advanced technology expertise. Whether buy-side, sell-side, or data management infrastructure, our tailored solutions propel your business to the forefront of the digital advertising realm.

Data & Identity Data & Identity

We navigate the fast-evolving ad world, guiding brands and publishers through the complexities dominated by tech giants. Our focus: ethical practices, customer value, and sustainable publishing

Talent Advantage Talent Advantage

At Xtrordinate, we offer comprehensive talent management, from strategic hiring and targeted training to seamlessly integrating with your team as an extension of your workforce. Whether it's enhancing current operations or spearheading new ventures.

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of businesses that use customer data platforms (CDPs) report positive in terms of revenues and customer loyalty


of display will be via Programmatic channels in 2024


of marketers still rely on third-party cookies

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