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Project Description

Elevating Wellness Relief Co. – From General Wellness to Targeted Chronic Pain Solutions

Wellness Relief Co. entered the market with a groundbreaking natural product poised to revolutionize chronic pain management. However, their initial broad 'wellness' messaging failed to spotlight the product's specific benefits for chronic pain relief.

Our intervention focused on refining the brand's core mission to emphatically address chronic pain relief. We honed in on defining their target customer more precisely. The result was a redesigned website that not only vividly communicates the relief and joy from alleviating pain or anxiety but also offers intuitive navigation for customers to easily find products suited to their specific ailments. Moreover, we integrated features that underscore the natural and potent ingredients like ginger and magnesium, further solidifying the product's unique value proposition in the market


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Project Type

Busines Relaunch


Wellness Relief Co


2 months


Stratic work, brand positioning, web design and development, marketing consultancy