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Project Description

Refining Iluminos' Brand Presence in the Collagen Market

Iluminos, a promising newcomer in the collagen industry, launched at the start of 2021. Despite its potential, the brand's hurried entry into the market led to unclear messaging across its channels, not fully capturing the brand's premium essence.

Recognizing this gap, we stepped in to reshape Iluminos' brand narrative. Our strategy revolved around a new messaging framework, distinctly positioning Iluminos among other collagen brands. The website underwent a comprehensive redesign to mirror the high-quality nature of their products and their visually striking packaging.

We meticulously crafted website modules and pages to showcase the premium, natural, and organic ingredients that set Iluminos apart. Our approach not only elevated the brand's online presence but also aligned it seamlessly with the product's exceptional quality, solidifying Iluminos' stance in the competitive collagen space.


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Project Type

Business Launch




3 months


UI/UX Design, Branding