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Project Description

Rebranding Confidence Club - Empowering Lives with Empathy and Assurance

Confidence Club, a top retailer in Australia's adult incontinence product market, experienced significant growth over the past year and was poised to expand into new markets. However, they recognized the need to refine their marketing strategies first. Primarily focused on lower-funnel tactics, the brand was lacking in customer loyalty and spontaneous brand recall.

To address this, we devised a new brand positioning for Confidence Club, centered around the theme 'Delivering Confidence When It Counts.' This rebranding was coupled with a fresh content strategy aimed at forging a deeper, more empathetic connection with their customers. Our approach was to instill confidence and empowerment in individuals dealing with incontinence, encouraging them to fully embrace life without reservations. The goal was to transform the brand image from merely a product provider to a supportive, empowering ally in their customers' lives.


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Confidence Club

Project Type

Brand and Content Strategy


Confidence Club


3 months


Brand Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy