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Project Description

Elevating Pukka's Unique Essence in the Digital Space

Pukka, renowned for its exceptional organic herbal teas, blends ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with specially formulated ingredients to significantly enhance health and wellbeing. Despite the uniqueness of their product, Pukka's local social media strategy was becoming indistinct amidst the competition. The essence of their brand, the compelling stories behind their creation, and the evidence of their superiority were not effectively communicated, leaving customers unaware of what set Pukka apart.

Our intervention involved crafting a new, dynamic social media strategy that would spotlight Pukka's distinct qualities. We focused on showcasing the myriad benefits of their herbs, the inspiring journey of their founders, their dedication to fair trade and organic sourcing, and the genuine affection their customers have for their products. This strategy was not just about promoting a tea; it was about sharing a story of passion, quality, and commitment, helping Pukka stand out in a crowded marketplace.


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Project Type

Social Strategy




3 months


Social Strategy Development and Support